On Tour

After our visit to Montmartre, we performed our Paris concert at Luxemburg Gardens. It was a very peaceful and beautiful area. The concert seemed really rushed, but the audience loved it. Once again, “The Stars and Stripes Forever” march by John Philip Sousa was a huge hit! The most striking aspect of our Paris concert was my father’s discovery of an older woman in the audience who was sketching our performance. I thought it was very neat, and it was a wonderful feeling to know that people oceans away cared so much about us and our music.


Luxemburg Gardens was so green, peaceful, and beautiful. We performed our concert underneath this amazing gazebo.


There’s me playing the trumpet! I’m to the left of the guy in the back row.

After our performance at Luxemburg Gardens, we traveled to another old cathedral where the choir and orchestra performed (I also played during select songs in the orchestra). This cathedral was also magnificent and inspiring. Something about ancient buildings just gets to me and makes me think about all the historical moments that building has housed and witnessed.


Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of this cathedral, but it was absolutely stunning!


The acoustics in this cathedral were astounding!

We ended our concert day with a boat trip on the Seine River which offered our first good views of the Eiffel Tower.



Some of the bridges we passed under were so beautiful!

What could have been more soothing, relaxing, and peaceful than a boat trip on the Seine River in Paris, France during sunset? It was a truly magical experience, and I cannot wait to relive it again someday.

In my next post, I will cover our trip to the Eiffel Tower and the famous Louvre art museum.


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