347 Steps

During our last day in Paris, we visited perhaps the most iconic monument of all time: the Eiffel Tower. A couple friends and I climbed the steps all the way to the first platform. We would have made it to the top, but the top tier was closed that morning. We weren’t about to take the easy way out or pay even MORE money just to take the elevator. My legs were screaming, and my lungs were burning by the end. The view and sense of accomplishment was more than worth it, though!


View from the first tier of the Eiffel Tower. Absolutely stunning!


This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. We all had so much fun that day, and I’ll never forget our experiences.


After our climb up the Eiffel Tower, we were set loose to visit the nearby market street of Rue Cler. We got lost multiple times and quickly discovered we had no idea how to read a street map of Pairs. But what is interesting to me now, however, is that I never once was scared of getting lost. Even to this day, I have this irrational fear of getting lost, not knowing where I am, not knowing how to get where I’m going, worried about being late. But while I was in Europe, and especially that day we spent at the Eiffel Tower, I never once worried about being lost. We made the most of our cluelessness and ordered crepes at a bakery we passed. I believe I got a Nutella banana crepe, and it was amazing. Finally, we did manage to make it to Rue Cler! My friend James and I purchased a bag of fresh cherries then strolled casually back to the Eiffel Tower while eating cherries and spitting out the pits. I remember feeling so totally at peace and happy with the world. During that day, Paris truly was a magical place. I have yet to recreate that feeling of utter happiness and peacefulness I felt while strolling back to the Eiffel Tower that bright and sunny morning.

In my next post, I will post pictures from our last sightseeing destinations in Paris. Then, it’s off to Switzerland!


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