Au Revoir

Our last sightseeing adventures in Paris consisted of spending two hours in the Louvre art museum. Two hours was not nearly enough time to see even a third of the amazing art the museum holds. Of course, I HAD to see the Mona Lisa.


The Mona Lisa is much smaller in real life than I had expected and rather less impressive. But it is still fun to brag that I got to see it in person!


The Louvre


Another gruesome and confusing painting I found interesting.  

The Louvre was formerly Napoleon’s palace; there is a whole section of the museum dedicated to him. We did not have time to visit that section, unfortunately. The Louvre was a very rushed stop, and I wish we would have had more time to explore. It is definitely on my list of places to visit again and explore as long as I want.

Our last stop was Notre Dame cathedral. The cathedral was closed to visitors, so we had to content ourselves with just the outside of the building. Even just the outside is amazing, though!



I absolutely love the gothic architecture!

After our last sightseeing day it was time to say Au Revoir to Paris. The city was definitely a magical place, and I cannot wait to return again someday! I feel like all I got was a snapshot of what the city has to offer; all it did was whet my appetite and leave me wanting more! The culture, architecture, history, and the people were all so fascinating. I cannot wait to return someday and just walk the streets, explore to my heart’s content, and feel as if I have truly experienced the city of love.


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