3 Weeks Later

This blog is primarily about travel: both the physical and inner journey. I believe the journeys and adventures we embark on while stationary are just as important. I mentioned in my last post that I have just recently gotten married. Yesterday marked three whole weeks of marriage for Quinton and I! (Hey, we’ve made it farther than some couples!) While I readily admit we know little of marriage as of yet (and this post may seem naive to some), I thought I would just share a few of my thoughts on marriage so far.

Being wedding season, I have seen many posts outlining the difficulties and hardships of marriage, but how it is so worth it in the end, etc… While I admit that some days have been harder than others, our marriage has been quite easy and enjoyable so far. (Maybe because it’s what they call “the honeymoon phase”? I’m not sure yet…) Either way, I think it is important to brag about just how awesome marriage can be too. This is the time to build up and cherish all the ooey-gooey romantic moments. Then when bad days do come along, which I know they will, you will have a solid foundation. Keeping in mind that the good days far outnumber the bad days will help keep life in perspective.

Marriage is like a long sleepover. With some added perks, of course. Wink, wink 😉 Just like with the girls back in middle school, you spend evenings watching movies, making and consuming food together, picking out each other’s outfits, then get up and go to school the next day (or in our case, work). Sometimes you fight, give each other the silent treatment, vent to other friends, but you eventually make up and go eat some more food and repeat.

Quinton summed up one of the most important lessons we’ve learned so far (one that we actually learned even before we got married):

“We’ve learned how to dislike each other.”

Yup, you read that right. Sometimes I really, really, really don’t like my husband! And I know sometimes he really doesn’t like me. And that is totally okay. Why? Because if we liked each other all the time then we’re not pushing one another. We’re not learning and growing and moving forward as individuals and as a couple. We would be static and complacent, which frankly is quite boring and the complete polar opposite of traveling. I do enjoy a good healthy argument sometimes; keeps us on our toes and always moving forward!

So yes, marriage is difficult sometimes, but most of the time it is easy and wonderful! I get to see my best friend every day and share this journey with him. What could be better than that?

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