I am downloading PokemonGo




I am downloading PokemonGo. But not to catch Pokemon. The app has been live for a week now and already become a worldwide phenomenon. I’m seeing even more people than usual hunched over their phones, running across streets, going on long walks, and taking the long way home to try to catch them all. And don’t even get me started on the endless Facebook posts about that one rare Pokemon they found. Frankly, I think you’re all nerds and it’s very annoying. (It’s okay, though, I’m a nerd too; just nerdy about different things.)

BUT my husband and I went on a walk last night, and I begrudgingly admit that the app can be useful in fulfilling a certain passion of mine: travel! The app has made all important tourist locations, historic buildings, monuments, museums, etc. a “Pokestop” where trainers can stock up on Pokeballs and other apparently essential items. (I really have no idea what the Pokemon world entails.) Also, for those of us who are directionally challenged, the app features a map that is quite helpful in planning your route. PokemonGo has literally forced players to wake up to the world around them and explore. And I am all for that! We discovered a quaint museum on our walk last night we didn’t even know existed in our small town, and we plan on going back sometime when it’s open.


So, yes, I have finally caved. I will download PokemonGo. But not to only catch Pokemon, but rather to discover new and exciting places to explore. Bon Voyage Pokemon trainers! May the odds be ever in your favor…or I guess may you catch them all? I don’t even know…but I guess I am soon to find out!



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