Ghostbusters: Debunking Gender Stereotypes


So what can I say about the new Ghostbusters movie???

If I could sum it up in one word: refreshing. The movie featured four women as the main characters. Yep, you heard that right: four women. The only main male character was a ditzy, but sexy, receptionist. Sound familiar? The ditzy, sexy (almost always female) receptionist is all too common in the film industry, but Ghostbusters turned the stereotypes of Hollywood on its head. The four female characters are allowed to have brains, be passionate about their careers, pursue their desires, and not once feature a love interest (besides commenting on the attractiveness of said ditzy receptionist which doesn’t really count.) And for once, the women rescue the man! Because, yes, sometimes men need rescuing too.

Also, the women were hilarious! The old sexist stereotype of having too many women in one room definitely does not apply to this highly entertaining film. The four women got along splendidly! And Ghostbusters finally proved that yes, women can be funny too!

As a woman watching this movie, I found it so incredibly refreshing. On the screen were women pursuing their passions, not letting anything stop them, doing what they wanted, being brave, and doing it all without the help of a man. Now, I’m not saying anything against men; I love my husband! But it is wonderful to finally see a big movie portraying women how most women actually see themselves (or hope for themselves), not how the media traditionally frames them.

So if you haven’t gone to see Ghostbusters yet, GO NOW! It definitely will not disappoint.


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